Results Master's and Short courses


The first selection of grants has taken place, which resulted in a selection of scholarships for Master's and Short courses, divided over all partner countries. From some countries, we received more applications than from others, which makes an equal allocation over the participating countries difficult.

The total budget for the August '18 call for Master's available was € 1.45 million, of which almost 100% has been allocated. Out of 117 nominees 87 nominees were eligible. This means that about 26% of all nominations were non-eligible. The main reason for non-eligibilty was missing requested information. After assessing, 29 candidates have been granted a scholarship. Some facts:

Short courses 
The allocated budget for the Short courses call of €1.22 million has been fully allocated. Out of 494 nominated candidates from 43 countries, 447 candidates were eligible. After assessment we have been able to grant 170 Short course scholarships. Some facts:

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