Results Master's en Short courses

The first selection of fellowship grants has taken place, which resulted in a selection of students for Master’s courses and Short Courses, divided over all partner countries. In general, we can conclude that the applications for fellowships are of good quality and all have been selected. From some countries, we received more applications than from others, which makes an equal allocation over the participating countries difficult. The current selection system in our online tool Atlas does not allow us yet to take into consideration the country budgets. 

Call August 2018
Selection of fellowship grants takes place (after a ranking based on scores) within the allocated budget per country category (A, B or C), taking into consideration an even distribution over target groups, countries or regions and priority themes. For the next call in August 2018, € 0.5 million will be available for Short courses and the same amount of € 0.5 million for Master courses for the 18 Full Programme counties (A countries) together. As for the 34 Compact and Compact Plus (B and C) countries, a total of € 0.8 million will be available for Short courses, while € 1 million will be available for Master courses. For more detailed information, check the 'Staatscourant'. 
The country coordinators will get in touch with the embassies to further discuss details of the outcome and steps ahead.

Master’s courses
The total budget available for this call was € 14.5 million, of which almost 100% has been allocated. Out of 1,312 nominees from the Full Programme (A) and Compact  and Compact+ (B and C) countries, 383 have been granted a fellowship. Some facts:

Short Courses
The original budget of €3.22 million has almost fully been allocated. From 1.361 nominated candidates - from 52 countries - we have selected 397 short courses. Some facts:

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