In this update we spend extra attention to calls for Tunisia and Indonesia, and share new reporting documents.
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Programme Update
9 July 2020

Dear relation,

With this Programme Update we inform you as participant in the programme on all process information regarding the Orange Knowledge Programme. 

With kind regards,
Team Orange Knowledge Programme
TMT+ calls for Indonesia and Tunisia

Calls Indonesia

Indonesia - Security and Rule of Law - call 20042 
Enhancing the Capacity of Probation Officers to Support the Prison Reform and Alternative
Sanction in Indonesia.
Funding available: EUR 400,000 - co-funding is 15% of the budget applied for.
Closing date for submission: 8 September 2020, 11:00 AM CEST

Indonesia - Security and Rule of Law - call 20041
Enhancing the capacity of Higher Education (HE) institutions to offer improved study programmes with a focus on cybersecurity through a multi-disciplinary approach.
Funding available: EUR 400,000 - co-funding is 15% of the budget applied for.
Closing date for submission: 10 September 2020, 11:00 AM CEST

Calls Tunisia 

Exactly 1 year ago Tunisia joined the Orange Knowledge programme! With our main goals of both promoting agricultural growth and safety & security, we try to make a change. Are you ready to help us to increase our impact in Tunisia? Don't forget to check our open calls below:

Tunisia - Security and Rule of Law - call 40009 
Strengthening and reforming the capacities of Tunisian security forces to identify and prevent the
radicalization and violent extremism.
Funding available: EUR 300,000 - co-funding is 15% of the budget applied for.
Closing date for submission: 8 September 2020, 11:00 AM CEST

Tunisia - Food & Nutrition Security - call 40010
Promote employment in agriculture and agricultural growth.
Funding available: EUR 125,000 - co-funding is 15% of the budget applied for.
Closing date for submission: 10 September 2020, 11:00 AM CEST

Nouveaux appels pour la Tunisie
Il y a exactement 1 an que la Tunisie a rejoint le programme Orange Knowledge! En nous référant à nos principaux objectifs de promotion de la croissance agricole, la sécurité & la sûreté; nous essayons d'apporter du changement dans la région. Êtes-vous prêts à nous aider pour l'accroissement de l'impact de nos interventions en Tunisie? N'oubliez pas de consulter nos appels ouverts ci-dessous:

Tunisia - Sécurité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle - call 40009
Renforcer et réformer les capacités des forces de sécurité tunisiennes à identifier et prévenir la radicalisation et l'extrémisme violent.
Financement disponible: 300,000 EUR - le cofinancement représente 15% du budget demandé.
Date limite de soumission: 8 septembre 2020, 11h00 CEST

Tunisia - Sécurité et état de Droits - call 40010 
Promouvoir l'emploi dans l'agriculture et la croissance agricole.
Financement disponible: 125,000 EUR - le cofinancement représente 15% du budget demandé.
Date limite de soumission: 10 septembre 2020, 11h00 CEST

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Instruction video on updates in Delta 

Almost a year ago, we introduced ‘Delta’ as our new scholarship administration system, replacing our previous system: ‘Atlas’. Since then, we have put much effort into further improvement and fine-tuning of Delta. We lately introduced a newly updated Delta User Manual with you. We now would like to share an instruction video, explaining Delta and the new possibilities more thoroughly. The video contains recordings that were made on the 28th of May, during an online demonstration for a small group of University staff. 

Please find the video recordings, explaining updates on Delta below
. The following topics are covered at the time slots as indicated below;

0:00 Filling in the candidate application form
02:18 Looking up a specific candidate application
06:13 Filtering workflows in Delta’s home screen by programme and/or year
09:46 Reports available in Delta
12:53 Customizing columns: filtering on relevant data
19:13 Registering changes to the grant, incl.:
   I) Margin periods - Short courses
   II) Extensions - Master’s
   III) Adjusting start- and end dates of a scholarship
   IV) Scholarship holders’ status (graduated, graduation-expected-shortly etc.)
30:34 Withdrawing and replacing scholarship holders
40:45 Report phase: download and upload an intermediate or final report

We thank all of you who helped us improve our system by sharing feedback! 

Watch instruction video
Institutional Collaboration Projects 
New Reporting documents available

Have you been granted an Institutional Collaboration Project? We recently published multiple new helpful reporting documents for you on our website. We decided to offer these documents online, as we feel they should be accessible to all. 

We have published the following documents: 

Reporting guidelines for institutional collaboration projects (203.3 kB)
Guidelines mid-term evaluation for institutional collaboration projects‌ (93.6 kB)
Financial format for institutional collaboration projects (69.7 kB)
Form for change of team members or contact details‌ (62.8 kB)
Format to report on changes in outcomes and outputs‌ (80.5 kB)

Changes in mid-term evaluations  
Among the uploaded documents are also the guidelines for the mid-term evaluation. Due to Covid-19 we made a few changes for mid-term evaluations. According to the Grant Obligations & Conditions, all projects of 2 years or more were supposed to carry out an external evaluation, this has changed. You can now choose between internal or external freely, as long as all partners agree. Projects that should submit the evaluation together with Report 1 - from 2 years (24 months) till 2 years and 4 months (28 months) - may choose whether they to do the evaluation or not. All projects that last longer than 2 years and 4 months have to submit the evaluation with Report 2.
Check the documents
INdividual scholarships
Results Round 1 2020 scholarships
Are you curious to know how many scholarships were recently awarded? And do we see any patterns in the data? We are glad to share insights with you on the allocated grants as a result of the Round 1 application round of 2020.
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Upcoming dates
When          What

• 8 September, 11.00 CET

Deadline proposals TMT+ Indonesia 20042 & Tunisia 40009
• 10 September, 11.00 CET
Deadline proposals TMT+ Indonesia 20041 & Tunisia 40010

Note: these are adjusted deadlines including extra time as a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 corona virus.
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