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 30 June 2020
Orange Knowledge Newsletter
Learn from 'the small ones'!
There is a saying in Dutch that ‘when you’re small, you have to be smart’. Being small as a country, we know from experience that the saying makes sense. So, what smart things do we see from ‘the small ones’ in our programme? A lot!
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Youth strategy
Orange Knowledge Programme has ‘Youth at Heart’
The new strategy on Youth our government presented recently links up in many ways to our programme, as education is one of its pillars. Find out what the strategy aims for, how we offer opportunities to meet these objectives and what Change Makers in our programme are already doing to create a perspective for youth in their countries. 
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INdividual scholarships
Studying in the Netherlands in times of corona?
Now that scholarships have been granted for Short courses and Master’s degree courses starting from September 2020, many students are wondering what COVID-19 (corona) means for their study in The Netherlands. We can’t give you all the answers, but we can give you more information on how current students are dealing with the situation, and how institutions are looking ahead. We hope to welcome you all, either virtually or physically in the Netherlands – to become an Orange Knowledge Change Maker!
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Media and Corona
How do our Change Makers in media deal with countering misinformation?
One of the crucial aspects of dealing with the current COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of clear, reliable information. How do you guarantee that this information reaches people, and that remote communities are included? The media plays an important role to counter misinformation. Media professionals from all over the world are trained through our development programmes like the Orange Knowledge Programme. Here’s what they experience at the moment and how they deal with it. 
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Education insitutions 
Smart practices of adapting to a new reality
Over the past months, we have all been faced with flip-thinking due to corona. Out of our comfort zone, we were challenged to change the way we live, and work. Many of our programme’s implementers have made tremendous steps in switching to online. Both in the Netherlands and at institutions abroad, great steps are being taken. In the meantime project partners and consortia of Orange Knowledge projects and group training use their creativity to reach outputs of their projects. 
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Better data, better farming – an alumna story by Stella Mutai
If it would be up to Stella Chelangat, many African ladies would study geospatial information sciences, a field she lovingly calls ‘geospatial’. Stella: “For me it’s the logical way towards the sustainable development goals. Our immediate challenge is to make the society understand the impact of geospatial.”
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Change data
The Orange Knowledge Programme is a Dutch global development programme, available in 54 developing countries and managed by Nuffic, the Dutch non-profit organisation for internationalisation in education. Running from mid‑2017 to mid‑2022, it will have provided tens of thousands with the possibility to change their future through education and training. The programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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