Co-funding Refresher courses, extension call Iraq, expert meeting education for refugees and more.  

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Programme Update
7 November 2019

With this Programme Update we inform participants in the Orange Knowledge Programme on all process information needed to implement the programme. Questions? Please contact us at
With kind regards,
Team Orange Knowledge Programme
Refresher courses
Co-funding regulations further explained
After receiving questions on co-funding regulations for Refresher Courses, please be informed that only the Dutch training providers must meet the mentioned co-funding criteria, not the requesting organisations. The Dutch providers must fund at least half of the required percentage of co-funding determined for the specific country. Please find this required percentage of required co-funding in the Country Focus Document.
We will adjust the related paragraph on co-funding in future Refresher Course call documents.
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Tailor-Made Training Plus
Extension for Iraq
Please note that the deadline for the TMT+ call Iraq 40003: Food & Nutrition Security has been extended to 3 December 2019, 11.00 CEST (extended from 5 November). 
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Invitation for Orange Knowledge and MSP students
Reminder: International Student Day Celebration 2019
We kindly remind you that all Orange Knowledge Programme and MENA Scholarship Programme students in the Netherlands are invited to participate in the International Student Day Celebration 2019! The event takes place on Friday 22 November from 12.00 to 18.00 hours (lunch and drinks included) at KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.
Momentarily approximately 700 students are present in the country, out of which many students enthusiastic in coming actually haven't registered yet. We are sure that together we can reach out to those students! This is why we kindly ask you to keep promoting the event and remind students to register. We hope you can find a way to have as many students of your institute present, as it is the idea that the institutes will present themselves to the others and the ministry. Your organisation just can't miss out!

You're invited too
You are also welcome at the event! We kindly invite 2 staff members per institute to experience the event. During the break out session we plan a workshop on collaboration on the SDG's, which will involve the building of SDG co-creations. If your institution is also active with the SDG's and is willing to moderate one of the sessions (a coordinating role, no preparation needed), please contact Elinor Driesen (, or call 06-42652415).

Next year
We realise that Fridays are part of your regular teaching schedule, but we figured that of all the days in the Week of the International Student this day might suit best (unfortunately the venue at KIT was not available on Saturday). Next year we promise to plan the event on a Saturday and share the date long in advance.  

We are looking forward to meet all of you on the 22nd! 
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Reminder: expert meeting 'Education for refugees'
Recently we invited you for an expert meeting Strengthening Fragile States & Quality Education for Refugees and Host Communities which we host at our office in The Hague on November 12 from 14.00 to 16.00. You can still attend this meeting by registering your attendance by sending an email to

Special invitation TVET 
The expert meeting is open to all knowledge institutions and NGOs active in the MENA, Sahel and Horn of Africa regions. We especially invite Dutch MBO/TVET and higher education institutions to join and share their unique experience. Our aim is to cover all fields and levels of education. 
Upcoming dates

Date                                                          What

• 11 November, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposals institutional collaboration project Indonesia (10050) & PIR Partner Identification Round Kenya

• 12 November, 14.00-16.00 CEST 

Expert meeting fragile states, Nuffic
• 12 November, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposals Refresher Courses 

• 14 November, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposals institutional collaboration project Jordan (30004)

• 15 November

  Deadline publication results TMT August
• 18 November, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposals institutional collaboration project Kenya (10052)

• 20-22 November  
Orange Knowledge exchange series alumni event in Bangkok

• 22 November, 12.00- 18.00 CEST

Celebration Day of the International Student
• 3 December, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposals TMT+ Iraq 40003

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