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Orange Knowledge Newsletter
18 June 2019

Dear reader,

The first half of 2019 is almost over and we are on track with a large number of awards and grants. Next semester, we will further align our programme with the development policy’s focus areas and regions: Horn of Africa, Sahel and MENA. We will also expand our list of full-programme countries and budgets available to optimise our contribution to themes such as youth employment and inclusion of women and girls. The government’s gazette will publish our call plans for the coming quarter before the end of June. In this quarter, we will emphasise institutional collaboration projects, such as the ones in Mozambique and Indonesia, and TMT+.

The mid-term review of the programme assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been scheduled for the second half of 2019 and will be conducted by an external party. The review will consult with various participating organisations, providing us with more insight into the progress we are making and the lessons we can learn from the implementation so far. 

Before the summer holiday season starts, we will be sharing our 2018 results in a series of articles in an extra edition of this Orange Knowledge Newsletter. Looking at what is coming up in September, we are thrilled to announce the first regional Orange Knowledge Exchange alumni event in Pretoria, South Africa. The event is for all Holland alumni active in the water-energy-food nexus from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania, including alumni of previous Nuffic funded scholarships. Later this year, another regional event is planned in Southeast Asia. Join to follow the news on these events.

For those who received a scholarship for next term, starting in September: congratulations! We welcome you as Orange Knowledge People and wish you best of luck preparing your stay in our country. We hope to meet you at the Orange Knowledge celebration of the Day of the International Student in November. 

Enjoy the read!
Warm regards,

Roos Hogenkamp, Manager Nuffic Global Development


institutional collabarotion made more tangible First results
Awarded grants and scholarships first half 2019

Nearing the end of June, the first half of 2019 is practically gone. So far, we have had 26 calls for institutional collaboration projects, 6 calls for Tailor-Made Training Plus, a call for Tailor-Made Trainings, and a round of scholarships for Master’s and Short courses. Read more for a visual breakdown of the amounts awarded and more information on the type of projects awarded. 
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Focus regions
Scoping for collaboration opportunities
As announced in previous newsletters, Minister Kaag’s development policy focusing on specific regions has implications for the Orange Knowledge Programme. In the MENA region, for instance, Iraq is one of the countries we further investigated to assess participation in the programme (click below for our review article). Another example is Jordan, where we explored opportunities for further cooperation in the field of Food & Nutrition Security.

Lastly, we will join forces with Erasmus+ in a new mission to Tunisia for Dutch knowledge institutions that will take place from 25 to 27 September 2019. Would you like to join it? Click here.
Read our review on Iraq

institutional collabarotion made more tangibleget  Launch of Climate Proof VIetnam
Making jobs in 'Water' more attractive in Vietnam
In April, the Vietnamese and Dutch ministers responsible for water management launched the institutional collaboration project Climate Proof Vietnam. In addition to exchanging water management technology, the collaboration is expected to make the water sector more attractive to future employees. Education is key. See the video of the launch
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institutional collabarotion made more tangibleget  Global presence
Our role in education development in South Africa
As we explore different forms of global presence in managing programmes such as the Orange Knowledge Programme, what can we learn from our own Neso offices? We asked Mervin Bakker, director of the Nuffic Neso office in South Africa and Huba Boshoff, Development and Partnerships Manager. 
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Orange Knowledge People

institutional collabarotion made more tangibleget  working in food & nutrition security
“Change starts with yourself”
How can an individual scholarship for a Short course make big impact? How useful is this instrument for sustainable social and economic development, as our Orange Knowledge Programme aims to contribute to? These are quite relevant questions when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money on global development.

We can come up with a huge range of facts and figures on the effectiveness of this instrument, but it’s the stories of the people themselves, coming to the Netherlands to study and returning back home, that makes their impact visible. This is the case of Jimboy Eugenio from the Philippines. 
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Upcoming dates
 Date                                               What is happening?
Last week of June Publication programme plans for Q3 2019
First week of July Publication Orange Knowledge key figures 2018
9 to 12 July  Nuffic colleagues join Agrifood Trade Mission in Nigeria
2 to 6 September Regional Alumni Event South Africa 
25 to 27 September Scoping Mission Tunisia with Erasmus+
17 November Celebration Day of the International Student
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