Everything you need to know regarding the upcoming August deadline for individual scholarships! We want to share an overview with information and changes with you.
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Programme Update
14 June 2019

Dear relation,

With this Programme Update we inform you as participant in the programme on all process information regarding the Orange Knowledge Programme. 

In this edition we specifically want to give you an overview of all important changes and information related to the individual scholarships deadline of 1 August 2019.

With kind regards,
Team Orange Knowledge Programme

change in criteria
Country focus now a knock-out criterium
We want to inform you that the assessment question "Does the application fit into one or more priority areas as mentioned in the OKP country focus document or the Country Plan of Implementation?" has become a knock-out questionin Delta for the embassy starting this August deadline. This means that applications that are not aligned with the country focus or CPI of the country concerned are not eligible and automatically excluded during the embassy assessment. 

Therefore please make sure that the candidate applications you want to nominate are aligned with the country focus or CPI. 

Shorter registration period
Nomination and registration period

The registration period for candidates closes 2 weeks before your nomination period, which means that you have more time to submit your grant application. An overview:

- 6 June 2019 (2:00 AM) registration open for candidates, your nomination period starts
- 18 July 2019 (4.00 PM) registration closes for candidates
- 1 August 2019 (11:00 PM) your nomination period closes

During the registration period, starting from 6 June, you can pre-nominate applicants. Between 18 July and 1 August you should make the selection final by submitting the grant application so all the pre-nominated candidates get the status "nominated". 


Reminder of division budgets
Scholarship budgets per country category
We are happy to remind you that for the August deadline we have € 1,545,000 available for Short courses and € 1,601,000 for Master's.

A part of these budgets, € 245,000 for Short courses and € 101,000 for Master's, will be specifically availlable for the focus countries; Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, the Palestinian Territories, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria and Niger.

If we receive enough qualified applications the extra budget will be used specifically for candidates from these 9 countries. As a result we encourage you to promote your courses and the Orange Knowledge Programme in these countries.

Budget division
We want to inform you that the budget division per country category for this August deadline, will be the same budget division as applied to the April 2019 deadline:  

Category A - Full Programme Countries: 55%
Category B - Compact Plus Programme Countries: 30%
Category C - Compact Programme Countries: 15%

Please check here which countries fall in which category (based on the OKP Legal Policy Framework). Justification of the categories is explained in Government Gazette (Staatscourant).

Shorter registration period
Launch of the Delta administration system

New for the August deadline is the use of 'Delta' for administrating scholarships in the Orange Knowledge Programme. The new Delta administration system, has a couple of user friendly benefits and is qualified to adapt to policy amendments, like extra budgets for specific regions or inclusion quota. 

More information:
- How to activate your account
- Delta user manual 

Note that if you don't have a Delta (or Atlas) account yet, or if your rights for using the system are not up-to-date, the Central Contact Person (CCI) of your institution should contact us (okp@nuffic.nl) to request the new account or changed user rights on your behalf. 

As we can imagine the launch of a new system can lead to questions, please don't hesitate to contact us to acquire more information or for any specific questions you might have regarding the use of Delta. 


Facebook LIve
Online event Francophone countries

For the individual scholarships we strive for an equal allocation of scholarships over countries per category. To do so, we need enough qualified applications from all countries in the programme.  Unfortunately it seems that some countries fall behind in applications as a result of a language barrier.

Since we have noticed that specifically candidates from Francophone African countries need extra information for applying for scholarships, we have organised an online live event on 20 June 2019 at 12.00 CEST for answering questions.

You are welcome to promote this event on your platform to potential candidates.

Upcoming dates

Date                                                      What

• 20 June, 12.00 CEST
Facebook Live Q&A event Francophone Countries

• 1 July, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposal institutional collaboration project Ethiopia (10026)

• 4 July, 11.00 CEST

Deadline proposal institutional collaboration project Bangladesh (10012)

• 8 July, 11.00 CEST

Deadline proposal institutional collaboration project Bangladesh (10043)

• 10 July, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposal TMT+ Mozambique (20011)

• 11 July, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposals TMT+ Compact Plus Countries 

• 11 July, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposal institutional collaboration project Ethiopia (10051)

• 19 August, 11.00 CEST
Deadline proposal regional institutional collaboration project East Africa (10028)

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