Postponed deadline TMT+ call, Institutional collaboration in Tanzania, activate Delta account & changed password policy.
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Programme Update
9 May 2019

Dear relation,

With this Programme Update we inform you as participant in the programme on all process information regarding the Orange Knowledge Programme.

Note: if you would like to add more colleagues of your organisation or your partner's organisation to our mailing list, please fill in the online form for subscription to the Programme Update. 

With kind regards,
Team Orange Knowledge Programme

deadline open till 21 May
Postponed closing date TMT+ call Rwanda
Due to technical hick-ups in the application process of the Rwanda call 20002, the deadline has been postponed. This means that the call will now close on 21 May 2019 (instead of the original date of 30 April).

Interested parties are invited to propose institutional collaboration projects in Security and Rule of Law to promote innovation in the Justice, Reconciliation, Law & Order Sector (JRLOS) with a specific focus on strengthening capacity in forensics. Available funding : EUR 400,000. New closing date for submission: 21 May 2019, 11:00 AM CEST. Check the Country Plan of Implementation for Rwanda for more information (check the call document about the postponed time schedule).
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new administrating system scholarships
Reminder - Get your Delta account activated!

From 23 May till 6 June all institutions participating with individual scholarships in the Orange Knowledge Programme (and MSP) will have to check their courses in the new administrating tool Delta. Activating your account is easy and only takes 1 minute - please check here what to do*.
Please note: 14 May is the deadline for course registrations in Hodex/Studiekeuze123 

* You can only activate your Delta account, but not work in it before 23 May (if you get a notification about 'permission required for actions': this is due to the system still being under construction). You will receive further instructions and Delta guidelines in due time.


first institutional collaboration project 2019 awarded 
Labour market-driven strengthening of horticulture

This week, the first institutional collaboration project of 2019 was awarded - in Tanzania. A consortium of the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and Maastricht School of Management focuses on strengthening the horticulture sub-sector in Tanzania. It is based on the fundamental notion that improving the quality and employability of A-TVET graduates should be based on the needs of the labour market.

The project focuses on curriculum review and development, institutional capacity development at NACTE and the 3 A-TVETs, entrepreneurship development and the establishment of a triple helix horticulture innovation platform. The project pays specific attention to inclusion of women and disadvantaged groups, labour market relevance and public-private partnerships (Tanzania-Dutch). It starts per 1 June 2019 and has a budget of €998,760 (excluding co-funding of €65,000). 

Tanzania consortium members:
- A-TVET Horticultural Training & Research Institute – Horti-Tengeru
- VETA A-TVET Mahinya College of Sustainable Agriculture

Dutch consortium members:
- Inholland University of Applied Sciences
- Q Point B.V.
- Profyta B.V.
- Sokoine University of Agriculture
- TAHA (Tanzania Horticulture Association)
- SAGCOT (Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania)


All online Nuffic tools
Stricter rules for choosing Nuffic passwords

As from 24 April 2019, Nuffic changed its password policy. New passwords for all accounts and systems of Nuffic now need to fit to more complex rules. Our system will check if the password you choose is a commonly used password, or a variety of it. Tests showed that an average of 15% of the passwords tricks people use are actually not safe enough. Our new password policy has no impact on already existing passwords. 

Upcoming dates

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 • 9 May, 23.00 CEST  
Deadline EKN eligibility and assessment check (Master's & Short courses April deadline) 

• 14 May, 11.00 CEST  
Deadline for course registrations in Hodex/Studiekeuze123 for Educational Institutions (Master's & Short courses August deadline) 

• 20 May, 11.00 CEST

Deadline proposal institutional collaboration project Indonesia (10029)

• 21 May, 11.00 CEST

Deadline proposal TMT+ Rwanda (20002)

• 23 May, 11.00 CEST

Postponed deadline (from 9 May) proposal institutional collaboration project Myanmar (10047)

• 23 May till 6 June 11.00 CEST  
Course check in Delta by Educational institutions (Master's & Short courses August deadline) 

• 28 May, 11.00 CEST

Postponed deadline (from 13 May) proposal institutional collaboration project Myanmar (10036)

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