Upcoming calls for May and June & more emphasis on co-funding resulting in new formats for proposals.
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Programme Update
30 April 2019

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With this Programme Update we inform you as participant in the programme on all process information regarding the Orange Knowledge Programme.

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planning Q2 2019
Upcoming calls* & co-funding format adaptations

Institutional collaboration projects
In May and June of 2019 we will publish the following 11 calls for institutional collaboration projects:

  Country or region      Priority theme       Budget in EUR    
postponed call from Q1
FNS 1,000,000  
Bangladesh FNS   1,000,000  
Benin SRHR 1,100,000 
Burundi FNS    600,000  
Egypt FNS    750,000  
Ethiopia FNS 1,400,000 
Ethiopia SRHR 750,000  
East African Region FNS 1,800,000  
Indonesia SRoL 800,000  
Mali FNS 1,050,000 
Mali SRHR 700,000  

PLEASE NOTE: The formats needed for applying for the calls mentioned above will differ from the formats previously used. Adaptations have been made in various documents to meet our stronger emphasis on co-funding, on local ownerships in the partner countries, and on alumni involvement.

From now, if co-funding is part of the project (for institutional collaboration and TMT's), this will be calculated as a percentage of the total project budget and not of the grant budget. For example, if the project budget is one million and co-funding is 10 %, the grant budget will be 0.9 million and the co-funding 0.1 million. At least 50% of the required co-funding amount must come from local funding in the partner country.
We will publish the changed formats along with the coming call documents, on a separate 'Calls published in Q2 2019' web page. This is to prevent confusion with old formats which are still applicable for all calls currently open (on the web page 'Calls published in Q1 2019'). We apologise for any inconvenience. These adaptations are a result of our ongoing effort to optimise the alignment of our programme's instruments. 

Tailor Made Trainings Plus
In May and June we expect to publish calls for 5 Tailor-Made Trainings Plus (TMT+) for Benin, Mozambique (2x) and Tanzania (2x). There is also one TMT+ call for multiple proposals in Compact Plus Countries with a total budget of € 2,000,000. For the second quarter of 2019 no budget has been allocated for regular TMT.

Country  Priority Theme    Budget    
Benin FNS 400,000
Mozambique SRHR 300,000
Mozambique Water 300,000
Tanzania FNS 400,000
Tanzania Energy 400,000

We will keep you informed through these Programme Updates.  

* Subject to change, no rights can be derived from this planning. 

Upcoming dates

Date                                                      What

• 30 April, 11:00 CEST  
Deadline TMT+ proposal Rwanda (20002)

• 6 May, 11.00 CEST  
Deadline proposal institutional collaboration project Ghana (10031)

• 9 May, 11.00 CEST  
Deadline proposal institutional collaboration project Benin (10033)

• 9 May, 11.00 CEST
Deadline TMT+ proposals Mali (20005) and Benin (20008)

• 9 May, 23.00 CEST  
Deadline EKN eligibility and assessment check (Master's & Short courses April deadline) 

• 20 May, 11.00 CEST

Deadline proposal institutional collaboration project Indonesia (10029)

• 23 May, 11.00 CEST

Postponed deadline (from 9 May) proposal institutional collaboration project Myanmar (10047)

• 28 May, 11.00 CEST

Postponed deadline (from 13 May) proposal institutional collaboration project Myanmar (10036)

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